Have you ever noticed the difference between some older people of the same age? Why is it that some seem to drag themselves around while others stride around in a lively, youthful manner?

    You can start at any age to ensure you remain vital and energetic even after your seventieth year.

    Attitude has a lot do do with this. I remember in my early twenties I was working in the accounts department of a movie company and I had just started an evening college course. I was enthusiastic about this and told a work colleague barely ten years older than me.

    His reply was "I'm too old to start a course now."  So here are some tips  on how you can retain or revive youthful vitality even past your seventieth year -

    • Develop the right mindset
    • Start doing something new right now
    • If you have been too sedentary start exercising
    • Improve your nutrition
    • Explore your local health store for foods and supplements that contribute to longevity
    • Plan fun things for the future

    If you are really interested you can rate your level of youthfulness and find out what you can do to improve your rating. Resources are available to do this. You can also -

    • Learn about current research into rejuvenation
    • Discover what rejuvenation products available
    • Explore the future direction of anti-aging research
    • Find out what medical and other procedures will soon be available to you.

    It's great to do all the above things for yourself but this has already been done for you in the book 'LIFE BEGINS AT 70: The dawn of a new era.' All you have to do is read the book then TAKE ACTION on what you've learned.

    The book can be securely purchased from Amazon at https://www.amazon.com/dp/0648958264/


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