LIFE BEGINS AT 70: The dawn of a new era

Have you ever noticed the difference between some older people of the same age? Why is it that some seem to drag themselves around while others stride around in a lively, youthful manner?

In this book you will discover the secrets to maintaining youthful vitality past your seventieth year including -

  • How to Slow Down or Reverse Aging

  • What to Start Doing Right Now

  • Compounds that Contribute to Longevity

  • What Causes Aging

  • What the Future Holds

  • Much more

You will also be able to rate your level of youthfulness and find out what you can do to improve the results if you want to. You will be made aware of -

  • The current research into rejuvenation

  • Rejuvenation products available

  • The future direction of anti-aging research

  • Medical and other procedures that will soon be available to you.

You can consider this book to be a comprehensive guide to healthy living, anti-aging and rejuvenation.

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Depression Self Help: How to break through depression


Book Highlights 


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How to Heal Your Emotional Pain


You no longer have to let emotional pain hinder you full and joyful experience of life.

This book will provide you with proven techniques the authors have used in their own

lives and then helped others get the most out of their lives. The techniques work

and can easily be applied to your own circumstances.


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