The author, Alfred Bellanti, came from a working class family. He has survived depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and cancer to become a successful Clinical Hypnotherapist and has helped hundreds of clients. Alfred is now retired and spends much of his time writing Self Help books in which he shares his knowledge, experience and research to provide solutions for the benefit of his readers.

   His latest book "How to Heal Your Emotional Pain" has now been released and is attracting five star reviews. 

   The author's personal life experience, the experience gained from helping others and his research are what gives his books the edge over other books of this kind.   

   In this book you will discover the way experts in hypnotherapy and positive psychology have helped hundreds of their clients recover from emotional hurt that had been causing blocks and lack of progress in their lives.

   Be it heartbreak, anger, regret or any other emotion you will be guided step by step how to apply procedures and techniques that have brought proven results for so many people.

   With so many advances in psychological techniques and discoveries in positive psychology, neurophysiology and neuroplasticity the authors were surprised that many individuals are still bearing the burden of emotional pain and negative feelings.

   If you are one of these individuals this book is sure to help you because the authors overcame their own dramatic struggles and went on to help hundreds of other people.

   You will benefit from the knowledge they have acquired through their own experiences and then through research and application of various techniques with hundreds of clients.

   You will find a variety of psychological techniques that you can apply to your own life so that you can relieve the burden of emotional pain and live a life free of this constraint.

   The book is full of clinical cases and step-by-step guides to help people not only recover from their emotional dramas, but also flourish. The book is recommend it to those who are seeking help in their struggles with all kinds of emotional pain.


   The first hints of depression and anxiety and loss of self esteem were noticed during his final school years when he was transferred to a different high school where the standard was much higher. From having been a star pupil he plummeted to the bottom of the class because he lost the ability to focus, concentrate or remember what was being taught in the classroom, especially the mathematics.

   A visit to the family physician about this problem was not very helpful. He was prescribed some pills which, apart from making his vision blurry, seemed to make hardly any difference at all. The result was that he failed the end of year exams.

   He was glad when the year was over, and determined he wouldn't return. He told his parents he would catch up with his schooling at evening college.

   After a few weeks of finishing school, and at the urging from his mother, Alfred got his first full time job and started evening college soon after. The course was spread over five evenings a week.

   Working all day and going to evening school five days a week was very difficult and Alfred stopped attending after a few months.

   The following year after having changed jobs he enrolled for a course in accountancy and commercial law. Although attendance was required only two nights a week the course was so dry and boring he couldn't stand it any longer.

   His full time job as an accounts clerk became more and more meaningless. In 1969 Alfred "dropped out" and found meaning within the hippie culture, he liked their freedom of thought, and the experimentation with psychedelics.

   The down side was that the fun, the meaning and freedom he had found was somewhat illusory, and the depression resurfaced, with a vengeance, much worse than before.

   Alfred experienced deeper bouts of despair and hopelessness and spent more years trying to find meaning in life, through reading, relationships, travel and a few admissions to a clinic.

   Finally he took on the task of completing his high school subjects and went on to complete his first University Degree in Science. This was indeed very therapeutic for him. From there he moved to graduate study in Psychology, Hypnotherapy and Herbalism.

   Alfred then established his practice as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Medical Herbalist. This was interrupted In 2002 when he suffered a severe cancer that brought him close to death because of the complications after surgery.

   Since then he has found his purpose in life and had happily helped others through his practice and by writing articles and books that help the people. Now retired from active practice he continues to write articles and books.

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