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Books That Help People

    This website is a dedicated service that provides the viewer access to many self help books written by professionals from varying fields including Psychology, Hypnotherapy and Counseling.
  Explore such books as -

  "Panoramic Dream Analysis" by Dr Richard Nongard, a step by step guide to discovering the true meaning of your dreams.

  "Anxiety the Book" by Carolyn G A Ching, who is a Registered Nurse, Hypnotherapy and NLP Practitioner and Trainer. Carolyn provides the reader with proven techniques that will help them overcome anxiety and panic.

  "Stress Free Student" by Derek L. Zboran, a professional in his own field. Derek has written this wonderful book to help students get through their college years without unecessary stress.

  "Mindshift into Success" by Cathy J Herring a professional Counselor, Coach and Hypnotherapist who herself overcame many obstacles before reaching her current status. By retracing her steps that led to success she published her book that now helps other people reach their goals.

  "Performing Hypnosis" by Rich Guzzi who writes about captivating an audience of one or a thousand and everything in between. 

  Finally the Self Help Books Website author himself  shares his knowledge, experience and research to provide solutions for the benefit of his readers.

  The author Alfred Bellanti came from a working class family. He has survived depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and cancer to become a successful Clinical Hypnotherapist and has helped hundreds of clients.


   For example, his book "How to Heal Your Emotional Pain" released last year, attracted several five star reviews.


   The author's personal life experience, the experience gained from helping others and his research are what gives his books the edge over other books of this kind.


   In this book you will discover the way experts in hypnotherapy and positive psychology have helped hundreds of their clients recover from emotional hurt that had been causing blocks and lack of progress in their lives.

   Be it heartbreak, anger, regret or any other emotion you will be guided step by step how to apply procedures and techniques that have brought proven results for so many people.

   With so many advances in psychological techniques and discoveries in positive psychology, neurophysiology and neuroplasticity the authors were surprised that many individuals are still bearing the burden of emotional pain and negative feelings.

   If you are one of these individuals this book is sure to help you because the authors overcame their own dramatic struggles and went on to help hundreds of other people.

   You will benefit from the knowledge they have acquired through their own experiences and then through research and application of various techniques with hundreds of clients.

   You will find a variety of psychological techniques that you can apply to your own life so that you can relieve the burden of emotional pain and live a life free of this constraint.

   The book is full of clinical cases and step-by-step guides to help people not only recover from their emotional dramas, but also flourish. The book is recommend it to those who are seeking help in their struggles with all kinds of emotional pain.


  "How to Heal Your Emotional Pain" can be bought from Amazon by following the link below -



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