Antidepressants V Exercise

    It has become common knowledge that exercise can raise endorphin levels in the body and bring on improved mood  or a feeling of wellbeing.

    Now recent research has evaluated the effect of running against the benefits of antidepressants.

    The main advantage of running is that it increases fitness and overall health as well improving mood. Running has no side effects as compared to side effects from antidepressants.

    Although both running and antidepressants can improve mood. It was found that the subjects allocated to antidepressant therapy almost always put on weight whereas those allocated to running therapy did not put on weight and were overall more healthy and fit.

    After follow up it was found that most subjects who had been allocated to running therapy did not continue with the running, indicating less commitment or compliance to this kind of therapy in spite of the perceived benefits.

    The subjects who had been allocated to antidepressant therapy were more likely to continue with this therapy, i.e. more compliance in spite of the noted side effects.

    A very interesting bit of research ineed. If you would like more detail about this research you can find it by following this link:



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